About Us

S.L. Synthetics

Since 1990, Mr. Lalit Singh have started working in the field of Space Dyeing.
After 15 years of working experience in this field, he established his own company S.L. Synthetics in the year of 2013.
S.L.Synthetics is a resource specially for Printed Yarn and also deals in Fancy Dyed Yarns. Since then we have been sharing our passion for beauty and exceptional design, for natural fibers and crafting traditions.

We are especially proud of our gorgeous collection of exclusive Printed Yarns, as well as our Fancy Dyed Yarns. We update the Yarns two or three times a month with the patterns developed by our own team of talented designers.

In the Manchester of India(Bhiwandi) and here on our website, the heart of our business is and always has been our community of customers. We love to answer questions, research solutions and exchange ideas. It’s why we do what we do, so please reach out… We’d be very happy to meet you!