:: Furnishing Yarns ::

Good quality furnishing products have become a must-have for any home and this is the reason why, superior quality furnishing yarns are the need of the day for all quality conscious furnishings manufacturers. This is where Furnishing Yarns at Anjali Creations step in.


:: About Our Furnishing Yarns ::

Our range of Furnishing yarns are ideal for Warps and Wefts and each of these yarn products are available in thicknesses ranging from 50 Denier to 15000 Denier. Such vast variety in thickness makes our furnishing yarn ideal for production of a number of different kinds of furnishing products such as Seer Curtains, Upholstery, Wall Hangings and Rugs. To add color, variety and beauty to these end user furnishings, we offer furnishing yarns in many varied color schemes and themes such as Natural Earth, Polar Blues and Forest greens etc. Another noticeable feature of Furnishing Yarns by Anjali Creations is the ease of use and workability of these yarns.

Our yarns work well on handlooms as well as shuttleless looms, high speed Knitting and Rachel Machines. No matter what kind of a setup you may have, you will find our yarn products to be every bit appealing and highly complementary to your manufacturing processes.

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