:: Knitting Yarns ::

Even the most detail conscious knitters have liked and approved our knitting yarn products. This is the result of our dedication to producing nothing but the best quality yarn products that not only rank high in terms of quality and design but also offer 0 defects.


:: Our Knitting Yarns ::

Years spent in the yarn production industry have taught us the intricate details of superior quality yarn production and we pride ourselves in offering a huge array of knitting patterns known for their strength, luster, and good workability. In fact, this is the reason why our yarn products are ideal for use in high-speed knitting machines. Whether you are interested in manufacturing knitted sweaters, furnishings or home accessories, you'll definitely want to use our knitting yarns that have been setting new trends in high fashion and style. We invite you to browse through our product range and email us with your inquiries.

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