Being one of the leading manufacturers of printed yarn in India, Anjali Creations is proud to present to you its diverse and superior range of printed yarn, fancy yarn and specialty yarn products.

Over the last 5 years, a lot has changed here at Anjali Creations. Thanks to our committed and hard working staff, we have grown, diversified and evolved into pioneers of printed yarn producers. What has remained constant through the years, though is our unwavering dedication to manufacturing nothing but the best quality yarn products that boast of 0 defects and offer a wide range of choices in colors, designs and patterns. Our mission is to outdo our customer's expectations when it comes to quality, perfection and innovation.


All yarns are Warp and Weft workable, it can be played in many styles, such as extra Warp, Stripe patterns, all over and with Doubles and Jacquards. Frosted, M?lange and grindle effects can be achieved. These yarns are come in season format and different for women's and Men's. Yarns have so very rich looks that sometimes no other Doubles or yarns are required. It is brain food for designers. Designers have to work less with our yarns.
we have yarns for Warps and Wefts, they are in very big range from 50 Denier to 15000 Denier, It will cover all furnishing products from Seer Curtains, Upholstery to wall hangings and rugs. We have color schemes in Themes such as Naturals earth, Polar Blues and Forest greens and so on. Our yarns work well on handlooms to shuttle less looms, and high speed Knitting and Rachel Machines.
Froster, grindle, contrast and merging effects are must for perfect Suiting. Our yarns have them all, Suiting from our yarn create elegance and fashion. We have colour ways for Women wear, mens wear, Children wear, European charts, and English variants. We have many blends/contents suitable for all cost and seasons.
Color ways and concepts are main ingredients of Dress material. We have them all. We have all local and international trends. Our themes of cotton and Polyester are most famous and approved by clients. Our yarns itself make perfect design and is approved, so it is hassle free. Weave-ability is always the best in our yarns.
Our yarns has good workability for high-speed knitting machines. It has strength, perfect color as per use and luster. Even the most detail conscious knitters have liked and approved our knitting yarn products.

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