:: Shirting Yarns::

Is it any wonder then that Shirting Yarns manufactured by Anjali Creations are not just easy to work with; they also act as brain food for designers - inspiring, creative and every bit satisfying.


:: Our Shirting Yarns::

Variety is the spice of life and Anjali Creations' Shirting yarn products are ideal for introducing newer patterns into our mundane daily lives.

Our range of shirting yarn is every bit impressive and manufactured using some of the finest technology there is. Since all our yarns are Warp and Weft workable, they can easily take up many different styles such as extra Warp, Stripe patterns, all over as well as with Dobbies and Jacquards. What's more, each of our shirting yarns can be used to achieve a number of different effects such as Frosted, Mélange and grindle effects. Add to this the fact that all our shirting yarn products are available in different seasonal formats and a large number of varying patterns for clothes meant for both men and women. Shirting Yarns at Anjali Creations are well known for their rich look and this is the reason why, on various occasions no other Dobbies or yarns are required during the manufacturing process.

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